Is This Yoplait Commercial Controversial?

I was recently surfing the web and it came to my attention that a fairly new Yoplait yogurt commercial has been pulled from the airwaves.  Have you seen it?  It features a woman at her office refrigerator, trying to decide whether or not she should have a piece of cheesecake.  She goes back and forth, juggling the options of having celery sticks to cancel out the cheesecake or jogging in place while eating the cake.  So how is it controversial?  Find out after the jump.

When I first saw this commercial a week or two ago, I remember laughing to myself and thinking it was cute.  I could totally relate to this woman, and I often will have something healthy after I indulge in junk food so I can “cancel out” the bad food (silly, I know!)  But what was cute to me was concerning and disturbing to many.

The National Eating Disorders Association spoke out against the ad, saying that it taunts people with eating disorders.  They were afraid that people with eating disorders would see this kind of dysfunctional thinking on TV and think it’s okay.

I completely understand where they’re coming from, but I still think it’s a fairly harmless commercial.  I will admit that, as I have never suffered from an eating disorder, that I could be biased.

So, what do you think?  Is this commercial too controversial?  Watch it and let us know!

What do you think?

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  • http://Recipe4Living Patricia Zelmore

    With all the really offensive commercials pushed down our throats, why worry about something that ALMOST every woman has gone through in her lifetime? Please, get rid of the really awful junk first.

  • linda sturms

    i saw this commercial and all it did was remind me of how many times i have put myself in that situation. the only eating disorder i have is liking good food.

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