6 Fun Ways to Use Fresh Pineapple

During the summer, I love tropical flavor of fresh pineapple.  I always just cut it up into spears and keep it for snacking and fruit salads, but I’ve been growing bored of plain old pineapple lately.  In an effort to find new and exciting ways to use pineapple, I headed over to Recipe4Living and found some fun and fruity ways to prepare it!

Fresh Pineapple Ambrosia: If you’ve heard of ambrosia salad before, you’ll know what this is.  Fresh fruit with marshmallows and flaked coconut mix together to make a side dish to remember. You can also serve it as dessert!

Hawaiian Fresh Pineapple Grill: I actually made this last year for a Hawaiian party I was throwing.  Everybody loved it- sweet, warm, pineapple that you could eat with your fingers!  It was super easy to make, too.

Pineapple Salsa: Combine some chopped pineapple with bell peppers, onions, and a few other ingredients and you get yummy pineapple salsa.  It’s great as a dip for chips, but it also tastes amazing over pork or fish.  Very refreshing!

Thai Fried Rice: Fried rice with pineapple?  Yep!  You’ll love how the pineapple really adds a punch of contrasting flavor to the savory fried rice.  Serve it with grilled meats and enjoy!

Island Sweet Potato Slaw: This is a cole slaw like you’ve never tasted before!  Sweet potatoes, macadamia nuts, coconut, and pineapple (of course!) make this a cole slaw you won’t forget any time soon.  Your guests will beg for the recipe!

Chicken Almond Appetizer Soup: This Asian-style soup is another one that you’ll really love.  The best part is that you can serve it in the hallowed out pineapple halves!  How fun!

Quick Pineapple Tips
***Reducing acidity
To prevent fresh pineapple from making your tongue surface sore, microwave the chunks/rings for 1 minute on high. cool and refrigerate. Tastes just like the fresh fruit but the acid effect is diminished.

***How to cut a pineapple
Click here to watch a video on how to cut pineapples!

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    Oh this is nice recipes you’ve got here. I love pineapple although there are seasons where they are expensive but with these recipes you’ve got here who cares about the price its the taste that counts LOL

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