9 Refreshing Mexican Drinks for the Summer!

Everybody has heard of a margarita, but have you ever heard of a michelada, a mojito, or sangrita?  Get recipes for these tasty drinks and many more (including margaritas) after the jump!  With both alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes, this collection will take your summer parties to a whole new level!

Get a taste of tropical Mexico by sampling an assortment of traditional Mexican beverages!  Tequila is the spirit of choice in Mexico, and you’ll find it in a large number of cocktails.  You’ll also see spices and lime being incorporated into traditional Mexican cocktails.

If you’d like to go the kid-friendly route, you’ll find a number of flavorful fruity drinks without alcohol, as well.  Here are some of our favorite cooling Mexican beverages that are perfect for summer!

Mexican Cocktail Recipes
Tequila Sunrise: This beautiful-looking beverage will keep you cool on a hot summer day.

Mexican-Style Mojito: While Mojitos are traditionally Cuban, this recipe is a Mexican take on this old favorite.

Michelada: This is a beer-based Mexican cocktail that combines lime and spice!

Sangrita and Tequila: A spicy, tomatoey combination that is served with a shot of tequila.  Yum!

Very Best Mexican Margarita: This classic recipe makes 20 margaritas.  Mix ‘em up and enjoy!

Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drink Recipes
Prickly Pear Limonada: Prickly pears are a popular ingredient in Mexican cooking, or, in this case, drinking!

Agua de Tamarindo: A classic Mexican agua fresca (fresh water), tamarind lends a tart, refreshing flavor that is enhanced with a bit of sweetness by adding some piloncillo. Served well-chilled; this is the perfect summertime sipper!

Agua Fresca: Use your favorite kind of melon to make this tasty summer beverage!

Kid-Friendly Margarita Punch: Don’t leave the kids out of the Fiesta! Make this fun and festive punch for them and other teetotalers. It is a great all-purpose punch that works perfectly with Mexican menus, grilled food, and any outdoor gathering.

What is your favorite Mexican beverage?

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