Our 4 Best Pizza Dough Recipes + Awesome Toppings

If there is one food I cannot get enough of, it’s pizza.  I try to stop myself from eating it too often, but when I do, it’s pretty scary.  I can eat an entire pizza to myself!  I think I may want to start making my own pizza soon- it’s more budget-friendly and healthy, but I’ve heard that making pizza dough is really hard.  So I went through ItalianRecipe4Living‘s awesome recipes and found 4 easy pizza dough recipes to try!

Here are the recipes I found:

1. Pizza Crust
This simple crust is really easy to throw together and the homemade taste makes all the difference.

2. Whole Wheat Pizza
This is a quick and simple recipe that makes a good pizza that is healthy for you.

3. Pizza Crust
Put your favorite toppings on this simple dough made with olive oil.

4. Homemade Pizza Dough
Makes three hearty pizza crusts. This dough can also be used to make calzones or can be frozen for later use. Freeze any dough just after dividing. This can be later thawed at room temperature, then it is ready to use.

The best part about making pizza dough is that it’s made from ingredients you probably already have around your house.  The worst part is that it can take a few hours to make.  But I’m sure the end result is unforgettable!

Now, moving on to what to put on the pizza…I’m a huge fan of classic cheese pizza.  Simple, flavorful, and delish!  But here are some other combos I adore:

Sausage & onions
Caramelized onions & goat cheese
Bell peppers & feta cheese
Mushrooms & garlic
Sun-dried tomatoes & pine nuts
Kalamata olives & spinach

Yes, I get fancy with my pizza sometimes :)  What are your favorite toppings to put on pizza?  Take our poll!

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