10 Fruit and Vegetable Staples of Mexican Cuisine

There’s corn in most tortillas, tomato in most salsas and avocado in almost every guacamole recipe. Those are just a couple of the popular fruits and veggies of Mexico. Can you guess what the other seven are? Keep reading and we’ll share the secret with you!

1. Corn - You can find corn in so many Mexican dishes, including tortillas, tamales, salsas, soups and so much more. It’s been a staple in Mexican cuisine for thousands of years. Try Cayenne Corn on the Cob.

2. Tomato - Whether you want to add diced tomatoes to your taco, burrito or fajitas, you can bet that it will always be an option. Plus it’s the main ingredient of most salsas. Try Creamy Tomato Tortilla Casserole.

3. Avocado - Guacamole is one of the most popular Mexican dips, and that’s all thanks to the avocado. Seriously, this fruit/veggie has been rockin’ the socks off people for years! Try Avocado & Bean Burritos.

4. Squash - We bet this one is a surprise! Authentic Mexican cooking is actually filled with squash. Plus, there’s even a special Mexican way to cook this veggie! Try Stuffed Chayote.

5. Tomatillo - Also known as a green tomato, tomatillos are a staple in Mexican cuisine. They’re delicious, and we think you should try one! Try Tomatillo-Serrano Chicken.

6. Sweet Potato – The Mayans actually used sweet potatoes in the dishes when they ran out of corn. Plus, they taste great with a variety of Mexican spices. Yum! Try Lime Cilantro Sweet Potatoes.

7. Mango - One of the most popular Mexican fruits is a mango. It’s juicy and delicious, and it has the perfect sweetness for any salsa. Try Fruity Lime-Mango Salsa.

8. Pineapple - While pineapples do taste great in margaritas, there are tons of ways to eat it too. Try with fish fajitas, in a dip or in a Mexican-style salad. Try Pineapple-Jalapeno Salad.

9. Papaya - Mexican cuisine is filled with meat dishes, and a papaya can make a delicious marinade for that meal. You can also try it in a salsa or a sweet dessert. Try Ahi Tuna Fajitas.

10. Hot Peppers - When most people think of Mexican cuisine, the word spicy comes to mind. And that means lots and lots peppers, such as jalapenos, habaneros and chilis. Try Bean-Stuffed Jalapenos.

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  • Lucinda Metzger

    I use jalapenos mixed in with my pototo’s onions and sliced carrots along with cloves of garlic. All of this is being cooked along with what ever meat I am cooking like, pork chops, or chicken. A one dish meal. I have also used sliced yams and sweet potato’s in place of regular potato’s. Very good combination.

  • Joe Decker

    Give me a break, they never eat fruits and vegetables. Mostly tortillas and beans. Try handing one of them an apple. They go, “No, no make me sick.” Then they turn around and eat mostly tortillas and beans. They have the worst diet!!

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