Sangria vs. Mai Tai

While my favorite basic cocktail is a rum and diet coke, once summer comes along, I start to crave fruitier, sweet drinks. My two favorites are definitely mai tais and sangria.

They both shout summer to me because they’re cold and so so good. I stick to ordering these drinks when I’m out at bars and restaurants. If I made a pitcher of one or the other at home, I’m sure I’d be tempted to have more than just one drink. They taste that good!


What is a mai tai? Well, a mai tai is a delicious cockatail filled with rum, Curaçao liqueur, and lime juice. It’s very popular in tropical settings, especially Hawaii!

Fun Facts

The mai tai is said to have been invented at the Trader Vic’s restaurant in  California in 1944.

It is usually served in a highball glass with a pineapple spear and a lime peel.

You can catch the mai tai in popular Elvis movie Blue Hawaii.

Recipe to Try

Super Mai Tai – The grown-up version of the classic rum drink! This one is NOT for amateurs; it’s twice as potent!


What is sangria? Sangria is a wine pinch usually made up off a red wine, sliced fruit, a sweetener, a bit of brandy, a dash of cinnamon and sometimes a lemon-lime soda.

Fun Facts

Sangria is very popular in Spain and Portugal, especially in bars and restaurants.

Sangria is a fun, party drink, but because it isn’t filled with lots of alcohol it can even be drank in the mid-morning or afternoon.

The name sangria comes from sangre, the Portuguese word for blood.

Recipe to Try

Sangria – Who says you have to wait until the 5th of May just to serve sangria? Break this out at your next gathering for a big hit!

Which drink sounds better to you?

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