Southern Recipes for the Kentucky Derby!

While I’m much more inclined to watch all of the great NBA games this weekend, I know that tons of people (especially in the South) are going to be checking the 137th Kentucky Derby tomorrow.

I think Southern food is seriously delicious, and I’ll never forget my vacation to South Carolina years ago just because of the cuisine. Since I know that lots of people enjoy having Southern dishes while they watch the derby, I’ve got a fun menu ready and waiting for you.

These bite-sized treats are perfect to munch on while watching the race!

Southern Chicken Wings with Spicy Barbecue Sauce
Kentucky Beer Cheese
Collard Green Wontons

Main Courses
These Southern favorites will really make you feel like you’re in Kentucky!  Comfort food at its finest.

Kentucky Derby Chicken-Noodle Casserole
Southern Macaroni and Cheese
Baked Kentucky Fried Chicken

Side Dishes
Southern Sweet Potato Casserole
Sweet Cole Slaw
Country Corn Bread

Fresh fruit finds its way into most Southern desserts, so end your meal with one of these fruity desserts.

Southern Peach Pie
Southern Toffee
Kentucky Apple Fried Pies

Try these sweet and sippable drinks, from the traditional Mint Julep to the refreshing lemonade punch.

The Kentucky Derby Mint Julep
Raspberry Sweet Tea
Southern Comfort Punch

Will you be watching the Kentucky Derby tomorrow?

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