May the Fourth Be With You + 20 Star Wars Recipes

Star Wars is the best movie that was ever made. I say that with absolutely no hesitation. It’s space opera at its finest, and one of the best examples of a hero’s quest to not only grow up, but to redeem his father. So why am I celebrating Star Wars today? May 4th – May the Force…it kind of sounds similar.

So how does Star Wars relate to food? As a kid, I owned one cookbook – Wookiee Cookies: A Star Wars Cookbook. I still think it’s one of the best cookbooks ever. I mean what’s not to love about wookiee cookies?! Check out my Star Wars recipes after the jump!

Some of the highlights of this cookbook include Princess Leia Danish Dos, Twin Sun Toast, Tusken Raider Taters, Sandtrooper Sandies and Boba Fett-uccine.

Let’s be real here. These aren’t real Star Wars recipes. There’s no blue milk.

Alas, I’ve decided to create my own fun Star Wars recipe collection using Recipe4Living recipes. This should be interesting…

1. Star Wars Jedi Mix Cookies – You can also substitute any variety of M&M’s.

2. Han-burger Casserole – This is a fast and cheap way of making dinner for the whole family to enjoy. Kids love this recipe because it is full of delicious flavors. (aka Hamburger Casserole)

3. Boba Fettuccini Royale – This flavorful and impressive-looking dish cooks entirely in the microwave – great for those day when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen by using the stove. (aka Fettuccini Royale)

4. Leia-d Chocolate Banana Pudding -The slightly warm chocolate pudding softens the crackers. Vanilla pudding can be substituted. (aka Layered Chocolate Banana Pudding)

5. Tusken Raider Omelet – This yummy omelet uses 2 whole artichokes! (aka Tuscan Omelet)

6. R2-choke Spread – Plan on watching this appetizer disappear! (aka Artichoke Spread)

7. Death Star Rum Balls – My younger brother has loved this recipe since he was 2 years old! I hope it’s because of all that chocolate! (aka Rum Balls)

8. Binary Sunset Chili – Unless you have dietary restriction, you should really try the addition of light beer in this delicious recipe with homemade seasoning mix. (aka Sunset Chili)

9. Darth Chocolate Walnut Bark – This simple recipe creates a pretty dessert, zigzagged with white chocolate. (aka Dark Chocolate Walnut Bark)

10. Incredible Instant Orange Jabba Mix – This easy, instant java mix also makes a wonderful gift when placed in a decorated jar. (aka Incredible Instant Orange Java Mix)

11. Lightsaber Turkey Meatballs – Enjoy this lighter version of a meatball! (aka Light Turkey Meatballs)

12. Cloud City Dessert – This super-easy dessert is a favorite of my family. (aka Cloud Dessert)

13. Yoda Soda Bread – This is an easy recipe to follow and your bread will be done in under a 1/2 hour. (aka Irish Soda Bread)

14. Skywalker Soft Pretzels – This is a fun recipe to make with kids or for company. It’s a nice change for a snack around the house, especially because you can freeze and reheat them! (aka German Soft Pretzels)

15. The Force is Strong in Him Meatloaf – Easy meatloaf recipe made with oatmeal and flavored with sage. (aka Forgivin’ Meatloaf)

16. Hoth Slaw – This is slaw that is hot in temperature but not in flavor. (aka Hot Slaw)

17. Darth Maul-ted Milk Cake – Just like baking a cake from the box, but with a malted milk twist. (aka Malted Milk Cake)

18. C-3Po-tato Salad – White, red, and a little sweet potato create a completely different potato salad. (aka Three Potato Salad)

19. Luke Lemon Bites – Made with a box of lemon cake mix, these balls are easy to throw together in under an hour. (aka Lemon Bites)

20. Obi Wan Onions -These “oh my gosh” onions can be served over hot dogs, grilled steak or even chicken! Since trying to lose weight, I am off hot dogs so I put them on grilled chicken along with kraut. (aka Oh My Gosh Onions)

Which sounds the best to you?

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