Loving (and Hating!) Tequila and Guacamole

Just because I’m not Mexican doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Cinco de Mayo! This fun-filled holiday is only two days away, and I still don’t know what I’m going to be doing. My gut is telling me to go out for some tequila, but my brain is telling me to stay home and just chow down on some guacamole. I wonder which will win out?

I have a love/hate relationship with both tequila and guacamole. Find out why after the jump!

1. It’s impossible for me to have either in moderation. This leads to terrible tummy aches, so I tend to only eat or drink these two rarely.

2. There are so many different things you can do with both of them. Margaritas are just the tip of the ice berg. And don’t just think of guacamole as just a dip. You can use it in tons of dishes.

3. It can difficult to find good versions of either unless you’re at an authentic Mexican restaurant. I’ve had bad guac before, and it was extremely disappointing. A bad tequila shot isn’t just a bummer, it’s a waste of money.

4. Both seem to improve my mood. With just one margarita, I can be a much giddier person. When it comes to guac, the rich flavor of it makes me happy too!

So after those four reasons as to why I waver back and forth between loving and hating guacamole and tequila, here are my top ways to use both!


Tequila Sunrise - This beautiful-looking beverage will keep you cool on a hot summer day.

Tequila with Sangrita – Sit down to any serious meal in Mexico and you’ll be offered twin glasses of sipping tequila and sangrita.

Tequila Sunset - A sweet and more golden version of a tequila sunrise.

Pancho Villa – Tequila, coffee liqueur, and orange liqueur combine to make a very unique drink.

Strawberry Margarita – Have a fresh tasting strawberry version of the classic cocktail year round!


Guacamole – An easy dip for entertaining and a great addition to a Mexican or Southwestern meal.

Chicken Guacamole Roll-Ups – If you like guacamole, you’ll love this recipe!

Barbecued Guacamole Burgers – Guacamole is essential to any backyard barbecue and adds a great layer of flavor to those tasty grilled burgers.

Mexican Muffins – These Mexican muffins have guacamole,scrambled eggs, and salsa!

Avocado Salsa – This classic guacamole recipe includes all the staples for the perfect dip. Just add chips!

Guacamole and tequila…yay or nay?

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