Our Top 10 Spring Cooking Tips

Every time the season’s change, your cooking skills have to be modified a bit too. It all comes down to which seasonal ingredients you plan to be cooking with. If it’s strawberries, you want to make sure you pick the freshest ones, or if it’s peas, you want that bright green color to stick out! We’ve got 10 cooking tricks ready and waiting for you after the jump!

1. Blanching - To peel a tomato, peach or anything else with skin, dip quickly in a pot of boiling water. Stick a fork into the stem and use a paring knife to easily remove the skin.

2. Strawberry Picking - Look for berries with a full red color and a bright luster, firm flesh, and the cap stem still attached. The berries should be dry and clean, and usually medium to small strawberries have better eating quality than large ones.

3. Cooking With Fresh Cilantro – From the coriander plant the leaves are considered “cilantro” and the dried seeds are called “coriander”. Cilantro is another herb that is often mistaken for parsley, the leaves look very similar to flat leaf or Italian parsley. They can be differentiated by the rounded leafs rather than the flat leaf parsley’s sharper edges. Cilantro is excellent in salads and often mixed with fruit salsa’s which gives them a certain “California” flavor. A very versatile herb often used in Mexican cooking.

4. Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs – Add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to the water before you boil your eggs. Boil eggs for 15-20 minutes. Remove from pan and let cool at room temperature. The shell can be peeled easily and cleanly from the egg.

5. Garlic Butter – To make quick garlic butter, squeeze a clove of garlic through a garlic press with a small amount of butter for perfect garlic butter for some quick toast or to season veggies, fish, chicken or whatever!

6. Lemon Zest – After squeezing lemons for cooking, freeze the rinds. Whenever you need freshly grated lemon zest, you can grate it from the frozen lemons. Saves a trip to the store or buying a lemon just for a small amount of zest.

7. Fish Odor – Put a mixture of water and citronella in a potpourri burner or any pot and let it boil and let the steam rid the kitchen of the smell. When frying fish, slice lemons thinly and put them in the pan as the fish fries, takes all the smell away.

8. Pineapple - To prevent fresh pineapple from making your tongue surface sore, microwave the chunks/rings for 1 minute on high. cool and refrigerate. Tastes just like the fresh fruit but the acid effect is diminished.

9. Bright-Colored Peas – Add 1/2 tsp. white sugar to the water when cooking frozen peas for a much brighter color.

10. Spaghetti Sauce – To save pot watching and burning of the bottom of the pots when making spaghetti sauce, place your sauce in an oven safe dish and place in the oven — no higher than 300 degrees. It can be left to cook slowly for hours without burning — just stir every now and then.

We’ve got hundreds of more tips for you! Just check out Recipe4Living’s Encyclopedia of Tips here!

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