10 Ways to Use Asparagus This Spring

Asparagus is a vegetable that I’ve just recently started eating. I was majorly veggie-phobic as a kid, and there was nothing that appealing about a green stalk with a flowery tip at the end. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over most of my pickiness, and have accepted asparagus as a healthy spring vegetable. Keep reading for some of my top asparagus picks!

Before you say that you’ll pass on asparagus, take a minute to learn about the health benefits of eating this vegetable:

- Very low in calories
- High in vitamins and minerals
- Packed with vitamin K, which helps transport calcium, strengthen bones, and facilitate blood clotting.
- Filled with folate, a B vitamin that helps build and maintain new cells, create DNA, and prevent birth defects.
- A good source of fiber, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and D.
- A natural diuretic, making it ideal for the treatment of swelling or water retention.

Now here are my top 10 recipe picks:

Asparagus with Hazelnuts – Fresh steamed asparagus are drizzled with a rich nut-oil mixture.

Asparagus Almandine – Dress up ordinary asparagus with a couple, simple touches.

Asparagus and Tomato Salad – This fresh salad is quite tasty with lettuce, avocado and asparagus. A great way to jazz up your everyday dinner salad.

Asparagus Portobello Pasta – Asparagus and portabello mushrooms give this pasta a unique and full-bodied flavor.

Asparagus Chicken – This is an incredibly tender chicken recipe with very easy prep. This would probably work for pork chops as well.

Asparagus and Cream Cheese Stuffed Turkey Breast – Thin turkey cutlets are rolled up, lightly coated with a crunchy bread crumb mixture, and baked to perfection.

Asparagus and Green Onion Frittata – This tasty omelet in a skillet is filled with bits of sauteed veggies and cream cheese!

Asparagus Omelet – This lovely springtime meal is perfect for breakfast, lunch or even dinner!

Asparagus & Chicken Lasagna – The different tastes of this lasagna will surprise and delight company.

Asparagus Gruyère Tart – This delicious, puff-pastry, asparagus and Gruyère cheese tart is great for a special occasion, such as the Easter day feast.

Do you like asparagus? What’s your favorite way to eat it?

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