New Fast Food Horrors: Monster Burgers and Dorito Taco Shells

(Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post)

When the KFC Double Down was born into the world, I was certain that we had seen the worst that fast food had to offer.  Yet, every month or so, a new fast food nightmare pops up that makes me ask just one question: “Why?”  The newest foods that are making me cringe?  Burger King’s Meat Monster burger and Taco Bell’s Dorito taco shells.  Read more after the jump.

So let’s get the skinny (or not so skinny…) on these new dishes:

Burger King Japan has just launched this beast and, frankly, I’m appalled.  Here’s what you’ll find in it:

-Two burger patties
-One chicken breast
-Two slices of cheese
-Three slices of bacon
-Lettuce, tomato, onion, and sauce

Who needs beef, pork, chicken, AND cheese all in one meal?  How could you even fit this into your mouth?  As you may have already guessed, this thing is loaded with calories- 1160, to be precise.  I’m actually shocked that this was a Japanese creation.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it appeared on our side of the pond pretty quickly.

Taco Bell is currently in the process of testing a new product out: taco shells made of cheesy nacho-flavored Doritos.  Right now, you can only find these bright orange shells in Midwestern states like Ohio and Kansas.  However, if they’re a success, expect to start seeing these at a Taco Bell near you!  I can definitely why Taco Bell would come up with this.  People like Doritos.  People like tacos.  Just stick ‘em together!  I think, however, the overwhelming flavor of fake cheese and taco fixings would just be too much for my taste buds.

Sometimes, I feel like half the world is going in one direction and the other half is going to complete opposite.  While much of the world is going back to whole, organic, raw foods, the other half is stuffing Oreos inside of chocolate chip cookies and seeing what kind of crazily unhealthy foods they can think of next.

I think I’m going to stick with low-calorie meals.  That means no bacon, beef, chicken, and cheese all in one meal!  Here are ten tasty ones to try!

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  • Jen @ keepitsimplefoods

    This is an abomination. So gross!

  • Aleida

    I may not be the healthiest eater in the world but I try not to get too crazy and these foods are definitely pushing the envelope. I could understand if the burger was made for Godzilla but what person really needs a burger that big? Also, I love Doritos but combined with a taco? It sounds like it would be a terrible idea. No thank you.

  • Foodlovet

    Both of these sound good to me. I’m a 145 pound 25 year old and I like to eat. all that healthy stuff is all and good but I like to treat myself when I’m eating out. if you want something healthy you probably couldnt go to burger king or taco bell anyways. Also I live in kansas and drive a truck around the state for a living and there are no doritos taco shells here that I know of.

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