5 Unique Indian Dessert Recipes!

When it comes to ethnic foods, my expertise doesn’t go much farther than North America and Europe. Sad, right? The cuisine that I’m probably least familiar with is Indian. I know about curries and samosas, but I’m clueless when it comes to Indian desserts. So I did a bit of research, and came up with 5 Indian desserts that I’d love to try! Keep reading for my picks!

Here they are! I hope you enjoy them as much as I will…one day!

Baked Paneer – Rich, delicious and full of spices and almonds! Sounds great to me!

Orange Sandesh – I’m not big on eating oranges, but I love them when they’re in desserts!

Malai Pudas – This dessert sounds super sweet!

Chocolate and Vanilla Barfi – Did you know that this dish is sometimes called the Indian Cheesecake? I’m already sold!

Khari Lassi (Salty Lassi) - Buttermilk AND yogurt! How amazing does that sound?

Have you ever tried an Indian dessert? Did you like it?

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