How to Tie-Dye Easter Eggs

Easter is approaching and it’s almost time to start coloring Easter eggs!  I love coloring Easter eggs- I have done it with my family every single year, and we always watch “Meet Me in St. Louis” at the same time.  My eggs have been starting to look more and more similar over the years, though.  I ran out of fun tricks to make them look unique…until now.  I learned how to tie-dye them!

Here is what you’ll need:
* mugs or dipping cups
* vinegar and/or water
* dye tablets
* spoons
* lots of newspaper or a plastic table cloth
* a large roll of paper towels or napkins- if they have an interesting texture, all the better


1. Boil and air dry the eggs. Cover the table with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth. Prepare the cups of egg dye as directed on the package.

2. Wrap a boiled egg in a paper towel or napkin. The more wrinkled you make it, the more interesting the pattern will be.

3. Starting with the lightest color, such as yellow, spoon the dye over the egg. Use a few tablespoons for a little color or several all over the egg for a lot of color. Repeat the process for the next color, by spooning a different colored dye over the wrapped egg. You may spoon the dye in places that have already been soaked.

4. When you’ve spooned all the colors you want over the egg, unwrap it to see your tie-dyed Easter egg!


*** You may wish to gently squeeze or pat the soaked paper towel around the egg in between each color or occasionally throughout the process.
*** Use complimentary color schemes such as yellow, orange, red and pink OR blue, purple, green and yellow for varied appearances.
*** You’ll need to apply more dye at the base of the egg where the paper towel is thicker.
*** For more color, use an egg that is dyed solid color, and then tie-dye it with darker colors.

And when you’re done with coloring real eggs, make some fun candy Easter eggs for your family to snack on!  Here are some great recipes for you to try:
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