Taste Test: Odwalla’s New Dark Chocolate Chip Walnut Bar

We love product reviews here at Chew on That- it’s always fun to try out new and exciting foods  and drinks!  Last week, a package came in the mail full of Odwalla’s new Dark Chocolate Chip Walnut bars- we immediately opened it up and got to tasting!  Keep reading to find out what we thought.Here are our reviews of the Odwalla bars:

Me: This was completely different than what I thought it would be.  I expected your typical crunchy granola bar with some chocolate drizzled on top and some crunchy nuts inside.  It actually ended up being a super soft, chewy bar with a very slight hint of chocolate and nuts.  I love that it contained some really beneficial ingredients, like flaxseed and nuts, plus you get your little hint of chocolate as a treat.  I also love how eating just one of these bars will give you over 1/3 of your daily fiber.  This would make for a fabulous pre-workout snack, as it would fill you with energy! I would definitely have one of these again and I’d love to see what other flavors are out there.

Sophia: This fiber-packed bar was really tasty! I love any type of bar that has a little bit of dark chocolate in it, and this one definitely fit the bill. The nutty flavors of the walnuts and oats also gave the bar a chewy texture. I think the best thing about this bar is the fact that it contains 35 percent of an individual’s daily recommended amount of fiber. That’s a lot of fiber! It’s also filled with omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, calcium and folate. The one negative for me is that this bar is really high in calories. I’d much rather eat it as a meal replacement than as a snack.

Scott: I couldn’t really taste the flavor of chocolate, but I did taste (and enjoy) the walnut flavor.  I would like it if more chocolate could be added or layered on.  The bar left a delicious and moist flavor in my mouth with no unpleasant aftertaste.

Allison: I ate the Odwalla Dark Chocolate Chip Walnut Fiber Bar after a 7-mile run. Because the bar is higher in calories and healthy fats, it seemed like the perfect recovery snack. I was excited to try it because I love both chocolate and walnuts! This fiber bar, however, is definitely not a granola bar. It’s dense and chewy, not crunchy. Ultimately, it was refreshing to have a healthy snack that wasn’t the same old granola bar, but rather a bar that had fruits, nuts and healthy grains. While the bar was tasty, I would have preferred more chocolate for a chocolate chip bar.  I really liked that the bar had 560 mg of omega-3 fatty acids from the flaxseed and walnuts. As a vegetarian, I have to work a bit harder to ensure I consume enough of these crucial nutrients. The Odwalla bar also contained 8g of fiber – 35% of your daily value! The bar was also packed with other nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, vitamin E and folate. These bars make great post-workout snacks. You’ll definitely find that the fiber and healthy fats will keep you full until your next meal!

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