How Well Do You Know Italian Food?

A couple months ago, we had a Mexican ingredient quiz for all of you Mexican food buffs.  Today, we have a challenge for all the Italian food lovers out there!  How well do you know Italian food?  Take our fun test and find out!

Here’s how to play: below you’ll see a section with words and a section with definitions.  Match up the words and definitions, then click the link at the bottom of the page to view the answers!













A square-shaped and pillow-like Italian pasta. Often, it is stuffed with cheese, vegetables, or meat.

A type of Italian pasta that has been nicknamed bow-tie pasta. It comes from the Italian word for butterfly, reflecting its wing-like shape. They come in many sizes and are available in many varieties, including plain, spinach and tomato. Also, this pasta tastes best with cream and tomato dishes.

An Italian pasta that resembles a wagon wheel. It is round with “spokes” that run through the center. The name comes from the Italian word for little wheels.

A long, thick and corkscrew-shaped Italian pasta. It can be sold in green (spinach), red (beet juice) and whole wheat versions as well. It is perfect for cold pasta salads.

An Italian white bread made with wheat flour and yeast. Its loaf is longer than typical bread loafs and it’s flattened out. Its name comes from the Italian word for slipper, mirroring the look and shape of the bread. Italian Panini sandwiches are made from  slices of this.

An Italian cylindrical pasta that is stuffed with flavorful ingredients, such as ricotta cheese, spinach or some type of meat. It’s also covered in a sauce, usually a tomato sauce. It’s often incorrectly referred to as manicotti, which is actually a stuffed dinner crepe.

A long, flat, ribbon-like Italian noodle made of egg and flour. It is most commonly eaten with Alfredo sauce.

A cylindrical Italian pasta. It is similar to cannelloni, but it is much smaller and its ends are cut on angles.

An Italian pasta with a ridged shell shape. It comes in several different sizes and the larger ones are often filled with meat or cheese. It is usually sold in the plain durum wheat variety.

An Italian pasta that resembles semi-flattened spaghetti. It is not as ribbon-like as fettuccine. It is often served with seafood or pesto, as opposed to meat and tomato sauce.

Click here to view the correct answers and see how you did!

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