A Video Interview with Chef Rick Bayless

Here at Chew on That, we absolutely adore Chef Rick Bayless. Editor Hillary actually attended Rick Bayless’ Top Chef Masters Viewing Party in 2009, and she had a blast! So when we found out that we could chat with Rick about cooking, the non-profit initiative Seeds of Change, and get a demonstration of him making his famous chipotle shrimp, we were ecstatic! Check out the video after the jump!

Here’s the video!

Looking for Rick Bayless recipes? Try these!

Red Chile Tossed Greens – This sweet salad uses Frontera Guajillo Salsa and is perfect for a family dinner. Pair it with a Bohemia Raspberry.

Raspberry Bohemia by Chef Rick Bayless – Chef Rick Bayless created this drink, and it’s delicious!

Bohemia Old-Fashioned Cocktail – This old-timer’s cocktail is filled with the rich flavors of Bohemia Beer and bourbon.

Pork and Apple Stuffed Chiles with White Almond Sauce – Traditionally, this dish is made with a fresh walnut sauce instead of the simple almond sauce included here.

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