4 Fun April Fool’s Day Recipes!

As far as I can remember, only one April Fool’s Day prank has ever been played on me.  I was in second grade and one my classmates brought in cupcakes for the class.  When we bit into these tasty-looking treats, we quickly realized that they were topped with toothpaste instead of frosting!  EW!  We have some fun fake-out recipes to share with you, but they actually taste good!

Gross-Out Recipes

These recipes look super disgusting, but are actually delicious!  Play a prank on your family by preparing these dishes for dinner.

Slugs and Worms: (shown above) While your kids will love the taste of mac & cheese with hot dogs, they’ll be totally grossed out by the neon green and bug-like appearance of this dish!

Bloody Eyeballs in Maggot Pudding: This sweet treat won’t sound so sweet when you tell them they’ll be eating eyeballs for dessert!

Tricky Treats

These desserts look like dinner!  Serve them up and everyone will be confused!

Spaghetti & Meatball Cake: This “spaghetti and meatballs” cake is a fun cake to make, and it always receives oohs and aahs whenever I make it. The cake part underneath, is any ordinary cake mix or scratch cake. Then you build it up with buttercream frosting, chocolate truffle meatballs, and raspberry sauce with grated chocolate. It is a wonderful birthday cake or any celebration cake at all. It always fools everyone, especially the children who think it is dinner but is really dessert! 

Chocolate “SUSHI”: No raw fish here! Just chocolate, rice, and assorted fruits! Super tasty!

Aren’t these pranks so much better than your everyday “sugar in the salt shaker” trick?  No embarrassment, no hurt feelings, just tasty treats that everyone will enjoy!  Have a happy April Fool’s Day!

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