Second Round March Madness! (2) Sweet Potato vs. (3) Banana

In another nail-biter, Pumpkin just barely took the win over bell pepper – 52% to 48%!

We though the battle between sweet potato and pomegranate would be closer! But we were wrong! Banana also took care of parsnip without a problem! But who will win this tight match-up?

Need some more information on these produce items? Check out these recipes!

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Cookies – And you never thought cookies to taste this good and actually be called cookies!

Sweet Potato Cheesecake – “What a wonderful idea for a cheesecake!” This is what my family said to me after I baked them this. It is delicious.

Sweet Potato Pudding – This is an interesting take on sweet potatoes. We are all so use to eating them in a casserole type dish. This is a great tasting pudding. A must try!


Banana Caramel Fluff - A rich banana filling bakes in flaky crescent rolls and is served with caramel topping.

Banana Icing – Try this fresh banana icing on simple white cake or on sugar cookies.

Bananas Foster - This classic dessert is as much fun to watch as it is to eat. Always a dramatic end to a perfect meal.

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