Second Round March Madness: (1) Apple vs. (5) Grapes

In a close battle, tomato slid right past blueberry for the win – 52% to 48%!

Apple creamed broccoli, but the battle between squash and grapes was pretty close. Do grapes have what it takes to upset top-seed apple? Your vote decides!

Need more information before you cast your vote? Check out our best apple and grape recipes below!


Apple Brownies – This makes a moist, dense dessert that a pleasant change from heavy chocolate.

Apple Spice Cake – Jazz up a packaged spice cake mix with orchard-fresh apple cider and a fun marzipan garnish for a cake that is guaranteed to be irresistible.

Apple Cobbler – This short-cut recipe uses yellow cake mix to speed up the process.


Grape Salad – Crunchy, toasted pecans are sprinkled onto three kinds of grapes in this tasty fruit salad.

Grape Delight – Everyone loves this yummy grape delight.

Grape Salad – So easy and good. I took it to my church homecoming and 6 people wanted the recipe.

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