My Top 5 Foodie Movie Moments

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Yesterday, Foodista published a list of their “10 Most Mouth Watering Moments in Film” and I had such a great time watching tasty food-related scenes from “Hook,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Big Night,” and more!  I had such a great time, in fact, that I decided to make my very own list of favorite foodie movie moments!

My list is not necessarily made up of “mouth watering” moments like Foodista’s is. My list is more focused around great food moments, whether they’re disgusting, appetizing, funny, or otherwise!  Here they are!

1. “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” Dinner Scene
This is my all-time favorite dinner scene in a movie.  This revolting scene focuses on Willie and Short Round as they try to eat (or avoid eating) interesting foreign delicacies such as Chilled Monkey Brains and Snake Surprise!

2. “Matilda” Chocolate Cake Scene
Chubby little Bruce Bogtrotter is forced to eat a HUGE chocolate cake as punishment for stealing a piece of Ms. Trunchbull’s chocolate cake.  This may be gross for some people to watch, but I always thoroughly enjoyed the scene, as the chocolate cake looks amazing!

3. “A Christmas Story” Randy Eats Like a Piggy Scene
In an attempt to get picky eater Randy to eat his dinner, his mother tells him to eat his mashed potatoes and meatloaf like a piggy.  The end result is a potato-covered randy and some pretty disgusted family members.

4. “Chocolat” Setting Up Shop Scene
Pretty much any scene from this movie gets me drooling, but I love this one, where she prepares chocolates and puts them on display in her shop.  I always wanted to break in there and eat everything (which, if my memory serves me correctly, actually happens in the movie!)

5. “Blues Brothers” Restaurant Scene
Jake and Elwood head to the fanciest joint in town in order to get their former band member (now maitre d’) to join the band again.  They do this by stuffing their faces with shrimp cocktail and champagne, then walking to tables and offering to buy a man’s wife and children.  Awesome.
(Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip of this in English, but here it is in German- SORRY!)

What is your favorite foodie movie moment?

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