Lose Weight While You’re Eating?!

When I was browsing the internet the other day, I came across one of the most absurd inventions I have ever seen: the Knife and Fork Lift.  What is it?  Well, it’s basically a knife and fork made out of dumbbells, so you can actually lift weight while you dine.  “Turn Eating into Exercise!” the company’s website boasts.  All I could think when I saw it was, “seriously???”

The more I look at their website, the more confused I get.  I can’t tell whether they realize it’s ridiculous or not!  In one way, they make total sense.  “By lifting these heavy utensils, even a dumbbell gets the message that what you eat puts weight on,” they say.  Later they describe the Knife and Fork Lift as “A reminder to exercise restraint while eating.”  Ok, I get that.  It’s kind of symbolic, rather than an actual weight-loss tool.

But then the company has multiple cartoons of fat people turning skinny (presumably after using this fabulous product).  It even goes on to say that you can take inches off with these utensils!  Hmm, I’m sure you could probably get toned while using them- that is, if you’re not shoveling spaghetti into your face at the same time! And I’m not sure if lifting weights with pointy fork tines and sharp knife blades is advisable.

Honestly, I think the only way that people could get some use out of these is if they were a gag gift.  The ridiculousness of them makes them the perfect joke.  Whether you’re willing to pay $39.95 plus shipping for a gag gift is, well, up to you.

What is the craziest cooking gadget you’ve ever seen?  Have you ever ordered anything from an infomercial and later realized it was absurd?

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  • http://www.healthy-eating-support.org Suzy

    How about the electric potato peeler???

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