March Madness: (3) Banana vs. (6) Parsnip

Sweet potato defeated pomegranate!

Maybe you’re not as familiar with the parsnip as the banana, but that doesn’t mean that this veggie doesn’t have what it takes to pull off an upset. Are you crazy for ‘nanners, or all about the nips?

Need more information before you cast your vote? Check out our best banana and parsnip recipes below!


Banana Pudding – Use ripe bananas for this recipe, not over ripe ones, turns out better. I have tried it both ways and although the taste is the same, it looks better if the bananas are less ripe.

Evelyn’s Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies – Add the sweetness of bananas to your everyday chocolate chip cookies for an added bonus.

Banana Split Ice Cream Pie
– Who doesn’t love a good old-fashion Banana Split? How about a pie that combines all the ingredients of this old-fashion favorite! Almonds may be used in place of walnuts.


Parsnip Patties – These patties may be prepared ahead of time because they reheat well in the oven or microwave.

Spiced Parsnip Soup – Try an unexpected first course with this garlic, curry, and red pepper soup.

Pureed Parsnip Soup – If you enjoy parsnips, then you’ll love this parsnip soup!

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