March Madness: (1) Watermelon vs. (8) Cucumber

Green beans beat apricot! That means that we have 3 vegetables moving on from the spring group, and only one fruit!

It’s David and Goliath in our first summer product match-up. Will watermelon do what it’s predicted to do, or can cucumber show the pink fruit up? Vote now!

Need more information before you cast your vote? Check out our best watermelon and cucumber recipes below!


Watermelon Lemonade – You’ll love what a little watermelon can do for homemade lemonade.

Quick and Easy Watermelon Pie – Use a circular melon ball scooper to make neat watermelon balls for this recipe.

Watermelon Berried Chiffon
– This is an easy recipe that is quite forgiving as far as ingredients go.


Cucumber & Apple Salad – This is a very healthy salad for dieters and non-dieters alike.

Lebanese Cucumber Soup – This yogurt and chicken stock soup features prawns and plenty of cucumber.

Russ’s Cucumber Salad – This simple-to-make salad won’t last long in the refrigerator. During harvest times, our family always keeps a supply of this made up.

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