McLobster?? McSushi??

Yesterday, I was on Twitter and noticed a heck of  a lot of people talking about McLobster and McSushi.  Having read a lot of bizarre stuff about McDonalds lately (ahem, McWeddings) I had to do some investigating.  

So what’s the deal with the McLobster?  A rumor has been going around that it’s the next big thing in the land of McDonalds. Supposedly, it can already be found in various restaurants in Canada and New England.   This mayo-lobster mixture is served in a hot dog bun with a handful of lettuce (see photo above).  The truth?

Now what about McSushi?  Apparently, McSushi is already a big hit overseas (you can see a picture of it here) and there’s talk of it being added to the American McDonalds menu.   How bizarre!

So are these rumors true?
Will we be seeing sushi and lobster on the dollar menu anytime soon?  We’ll let a recent McDonald’s tweet do the talking for us:
“Crustaceans everywhere are rejoicing…there are no plans to bring McLobster or McSushi to our US menu.”

Aw, too bad.  I was kinda looking forward to getting food poisoning ;)

Since McDonalds has decided to deprive us of these lobster sandwiches, make a fresher and more delicious version in your own home with this recipe!

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  • kirbie

    Aw that is too bad. I was hoping the rumors were true. I’m often so jealous of the overseas menus of American chains.

  • The Opinionated Baker

    Oh man, I really do hope that this comes to Singapore! McSushi sounds awesome.

  • Drew

    You can get the McLobster in New England only. It’s just McDonald’s version of the Lobster Roll which is a local classic that has been around forever and can be found in just about every diner, and casual restaurant in New England. You can ever get Lobster Rolls from street vendors in the Boston area.

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