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If you haven’t been following Recipe4Living on Facebook and Twitter, you’re definitely missing out.  From exciting contests to fun cooking discussions, you can be part of the action when you follow us!  Read more after the jump!

1. Question of the Week
Every Monday on Facebook and Twitter, we have a question of the week for our followers to answer.  Battle with Facebook users over your favorite kind of pizza, tell us what you ate for dinner last night, or share your biggest cooking disaster!

2. Get to Know Other Cooks
Chat with fellow chefs on our Facebook wall!  Upload your food photos and see what people have to say about them!  Ask a question for other cooks to answer!  You can make new friends and get great cooking advice at the same time.

3. Have US Search for Recipes
If you don’t feel like searching Recipe4Living for specific recipes, just write on our Facebook wall or Tweet to us!  Need a beef casserole recipe?  We’ll tell you our faves.  Looking for a dish with chicken and bell peppers?  We’ll find one.

4.  Brand New Recipes
Every day, we will feature brand new recipes and recipe collections!  You’ll be the first to see our freshest recipes and articles.

5. Contests and Giveaways
Every time we have a giveaway or contest, you’ll hear about it!  We may even have contests that are specific to our Facebook and Twitter followers, so you’ll have the best chance to win!

How to Follow Us:
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We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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