Hong Kong to Introduce McWeddings

Burgers, fries, chicken sandwiches, nuggets…these aren’t the only things that you can find on the McDonald’s menu.  If you live in Hong Kong, you can step right up to the register and order a wedding! If you’ve always dreamed of saying “I do” under a pair of golden arches (I mean, who hasn’t?!) then keep reading to learn all about China’s McWeddings!

So what do you get when you sign up for a McWedding?  Well, for the reasonable price of 9,999 Hong Kong dollars (about $1,280 USD), you will celebrate your nuptials with the following:

-pink wedding invitations emblazoned with those famous golden arches

-Ronald McDonald and Hamburglar-themed decor

-an apple pie wedding cake

-catering for up to 100 guests

For a few extra bucks, you can get a wedding dress made out of balloons and a big pink backdrop.  Unfortunately, there will be no champagne to be shared, as McDonald’s in not licensed to serve alcohol.

Does this all sound a bit crazy to you?  It sounds bizarre to me, too.  I, for one, would never get married in a McDonald’s and I don’t think I know anyone who would, either.  But, hey, different strokes for different folks!  Us Americans have had some pretty strange weddings- for a couple hundred bucks, you can have an Elvis impersonator pronounce you man and wife- what could be weirder than that?

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