QUIZ: Do You Know Your Mexican Ingredients?

Do you know the difference between chayote and cilantro?  How about papalo and plantains?  If you think you’re a pro when it comes to Mexican ingredients, take our quiz and see how much you REALLY know!

Here’s how to play: below you’ll see a section with words and a section with definitions.  Match up the words and definitions, then click the link at the bottom of the page to view the answers!










Serrano Pepper



More commonly known as “Bolivian coriander.” While it originated in Bolivia, it is also grown in Mexico and various South American countries. This herb is similar to arugula or cilantro and is generally used to flavor salsas.

A small shrub that bears bright red seeds. The seeds are crushed and used to give flavor to many dishes, especially in cuisine from the Yucatan area of Mexico.

These are known as green tomatoes due to their tomato-like appearance. They are covered, however, in a onion-like husk. You can find them in chilis, salsas, and soups.

These are related to bananas, but are greener and larger in appearance. They contain less sugar and more starch than bananas, and are actually vegetables and not fruits.  They are most often baked or fried; fried plantain chips are snacked on in many Central and South American countries.

A light green gourd that somewhat resembles a large, bumpy pear. It is generally cooked like a summer squash; you’ll most often find it baked or sautéed.

A type of spicy red sausage that is made with ground chili powder or chili peppers.

An herb that gives flavor to Mexican foods such as tamales, sopes, quesadillas, black beans, mole, chilaquiles, and many others.

These start a bright green color, but later ripen to become either orange, red, yellow, or brown. They are about 3 times spicier than jalapeno peppers, but only half as spicy as cayenne peppers.

A type of cornmeal dough that is primarily used for making tortillas and tamales.

An herb that is widely used in Mexican cooking. It is most often used as a garnish and not cooked into foods, as it easily loses its flavor. You can find it in guacamole and salsa, and you’ll see it garnishing many hot dishes.

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