Kate and William- Made Out of Turkey!

(photo courtesy of The Daily Mail)
The wedding of the century has taken a strange turn!  Artist Prudence Staite created a portrait of the royal couple to celebrate their engagement…but she made it out of food.  Keep reading to  find out even more about this deliciously ridiculous portrait!

So what foods exactly make up the portrait?  The foods in the portrait are typical of a traditional British Sunday roast.  Roasted and boiled potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, and sausages make up the border, while carrots, corn, and peas make up the background.  Kate and William’s faces are formed from turkey and roast beef.

And the latest food fashions?  Kate wears a lovely carrot dress, while William’s sweater is made of peas, green beans, and Brussels sprouts.  How very couture!

Staite is not a newcomer to food art.  She has sculpted life-size couches out of chocolate, created Dita von Teese out of cheese, made a portrait of Snow White out of fruit, and much more.  Click here to learn more about Staite and her art.

This is not the first crazy food art we’ve covered!  Remember when I blogged about the Jelly Belly Marilyn Monroe?  How about the awesome “canstructions” in Chicago?  And you can’t forget my favorite United Plates of America print series, in which each state is made up of different foods!

What do you think of the royal portrait?  Or food art in general?

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