Chai Recipes For The Winter

Are you a tea or coffee person? Do you think people can be both? I’m definitely more about my dark, roasted brew, but every once in a while a cup of tea is just as good.

The cold weather is actually making me crave tea, which is really strange for me. I figure I might as well give into my temptation and cravings just a bit, and make a cup of delicious chai tea. Chai tea is created by adding Indian herbs and spices to brewed tea giving it a special spiced flavor. Keep reading to see the five recipes I can choose from.

Chai Masala – Use this simple spice blend to flavor black tea or chai tea.  This recipe contains a comforting blend of spices!

Kashmiri Chai – Using green tea, cinnamon and a pinch of saffron, this recipe is a slight variation on your favorite chai.

Indian Railway Tea – The spicy-sweet aroma of Chai tea is irresistable – hot or cold!

Sally Champe’s Masala Chai – A delicious blend to add to soothing warm tea. Perfect for relaxation!

Chai Tea – Trade your coffee for a chai tea and taste the difference!

Which do you think is the best?

If you want to try some other refreshing tea recipes, or more Indian recipes, click here!

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