Happy “Shape Up with Pickles Week”…???

I was kind of at a loss when it came to what I should write about today- that is, until I discovered that the first week of February is National Shape Up with Pickles Week!  What exactly does this mean?  I have absolutely no idea!  After tons of research, I still cannot find out how this holiday originated or what you’re supposed to do for it…

I could understand if it was National Pickle Week, but why (and how) do you “shape up” with them?  Maybe you’re supposed to jog with a pickle in each hand or dress your pickles in little sweatsuits and do workout videos alongside them. Maybe you’re supposed to go on an all-pickle diet.  But you’d think that would be called “Slim Down with Pickles Week” or “Drop Weight with Pickles Week.”  I could understand how that could help you lose weight, but all that sodium must be horrible for your body.  Does this apply to all pickled things, or just apply to actual pickles?  As you can see, this holiday brought up a lot of (stupid and irrelevant) questions in my mind.

Does anyone have any idea how this originated or what it means?  I’m dying to know!

Until I find out, I’m going to assume that this week is just about celebrating all things pickled, my favorite being…well…pickles!

I absolutely adore pickles, probably because I’m a bit of a salt-a-holic.  But I’m not as bad as my roommate, who actually drinks the pickle juice when she’s done with the jar!

I will only eat pickles that are cut in half, though.  Is it just me, or do halved pickles taste a LOT better than pickle spears and whole pickles?  And I like them to taste super-garlicky.  The stronger, the better!

I’ve always wanted to make my own pickles, but just haven’t had the chance.  These are some of the recipes I’m considering using:
Fridge Pickles
Sweet Pickles
Olive Oil Pickles

If you’d like to try pickling other things, like carrots or ginger, click here for more recipes!

Well, I’m off to celebrate Shape Up with Pickles Week!  I guess I’ll…eat some pickles, then…do some leg lifts… Please let me know if you have any idea what this holiday is all about!

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