Spice Things Up This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year where you should definitely experiment a little bit in the…kitchen! Cook and bake with ingredients you usually shy away from. Be adventurous, especially when it comes to a little bit of spice. We’ve created a list of some of the best hot and spicy sweets to make your loved one for the big day of romance! Check them out after the jump!

Spicy Pear Tart – A ginger, cinnamon, and caramel base with shredded pears is topped with fresh, sliced pears in this elegant dessert.

Hot Pepper Fudge – This fudge is made with chipotle peppers, ground cinnamon and chocolate.

Spicy Chocolate Cake – A little jalapeno, paired with cinnamon, adds a delicious spice to traditional chocolate cake.

Cowboy Candy (Candied Jalepenos) – A must for any Texans in blood or in spirit! Spicy, snappy candy made with jalepeno peppers!

Spicy Mexican Chocolate Almond Ice Cream – Olomomo Righteous Cinnamon & Cayenne Almonds taste great in ice cream!

Glazed Apple Rings – Mmm, piping-hot, good-for-you apples—easier than pie and a lot fewer calories!

Hunks of Burning Love Cupcakes - This recipe is a variation on that old favorite flavor, red velvet cake. To spice the flavor up a bit, ground red pepper, cinnamon and pepper sauce increase the heat level, creating a new sensation.

Hot Fudge Sundae Cake – This yummy cake has one fudge layer and one cake layer. It’s an amazingly rich cake recipe!

Zingy Ginger Pecan Thumbprint Cookies – A spicy ginger molasses thumbprint cookie that enlivens the holiday cookie plate.

Spice Muffins With Maple Cinnamon Frosting
- Spice up your Valentine’s day with these muffins!

Click here for all the best Valentine’s Day recipes!

Will you be making any spicy for Valentine’s Day?

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