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The Recipe4Living 5th Birthday Contest Sponsored by Scharffen Berger has been going on for a month now and we have received some pretty amazing cake recipes!  Now it’s time for you to vote for your favorite!  The winner will get an amazing basket of chocolate goodies from Scharffen Berger, so choose wisely!  Find out about all the yummy cakes and learn how to vote after the jump!

Make sure you’re logged into your Recipe4Living account, and then vote for your favorite cake recipe. If you don’t have an account, click here to register for one. All you need to do is click on your favorite cake recipe. You’ll see five chef hats above the description. If you think the recipe should win, click on 5 chef hats (the chef hat all the way to the right). The better the cake, the higher the chef hat rating, and vice versa.

The last day to vote for favorite cake is February 6, 2011 at 11:59 CST.

All cakes lists are in alphabetical order:

Alta’s Cake – Alta Campbell was my grandmother who raised me during WWII while my Mom and other women went to work to support the war effort. She taught me to cook and this is one of the recipes that she developed herself. Since my whole family are chocoholics, it became our family’s birthday cake of choice. She was a marvelous woman who remained active and involved right up to the day she had a stroke and passed when she was 89. I loved her dearly. Shared by mensa63.

Best Ever Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing – Every time I make this cake it becomes someone’s favorite. It is so moist and flavorful that you won’t want to stop eating it. Since this recipe makes two 9×13 cakes, I usually stack them on top of each other for a layered cake effect. Variation: This makes the best muffins. It makes 20-25 muffins. Cook for 15 min., then check for doneness. Add time in 5 min. increments, if needed. Shared by marlajo.

Caramel Apple Cake - I made this cake this year for my birthday and absolutely loved it! The cake portion is from Dorie Greenspan- it’s a white cake I’ve made often and it had always come out perfectly. The cake is then filled with a sweet apple filling and topped with my favorite brown sugar frosting. These were the perfect flavors for fall and I was very happy with how everything came together. Shared by cupcakemuffin.

Carrot Orange Bundt Cake with Candied Carrot Curls – I have always used cream cheese icing on carrot cake, so this was the first time I used plain sugar icing. I thought it emphasized the beautiful shape of the bundt cake better. It was also a more suitable base for the pretty carrot decorations. Instead of walnuts, I used almonds, substituted part of the flour with whole wheat flour, and I also added a bit of orange zest and ginger.  Shared by sweetgreen.

Celebration Fruit Cake with White Chocolate Mascarpone Frosting & Fresh Raspberries - A rich and decadent, yet surprisingly light and fluffy cake with brandied fruits and nuts that make it perfect for any special occasion. To make it even better, it’s topped with a creamy white chocolate and mascarpone frosting and dotted with fresh raspberries. Shared by ashafsk.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Mascarpone Topping – Submission for Recipe4Living’s 5th Birthday – this is a delicious birthday cake I made for my father’s birthday last year. Shared by hornsfan.

Chocolate Orange Almond Gateau – I’m submitting this cake for Recipe4Living 5th Birthday Recipe Contest. The Chocolate Orange Almond Gateau is wonderful and moist, with a beautiful balance of flavors. Orange, almond and chocolate hang in delicate harmony, each complementing the other- no overpowering flavors here. Even the basic sponge is a nice one to keep in your recipe folder as a base for layer cakes. Shared by vindee.

Coconut Grapefruit Birthday Cake – BEST birthday cake recipe submission!  Shared by Thehealthyapple.

Dressed-Up Cheesecake- Baked cheesecake wrapped with crepes. On top, lots of strawberries and blueberries. Try it for a birthday or special occasion!  Shared by Japanese.

Easy Lemon Cake – My grand-kids request this every time we get together. Shared by L. Luft.

Pie Cake - This is a very simple but tasty dessert. Shared by mandysmother.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake – Delicious pineapples upside-down in a sponge cake.  Shared by torviewtoronto.

Pistachio Smoothy Cake – Always experimenting with recipes, I learned about this contest and decided to challenge myself in making a unique fat-free tasty dessert cake. This colorful, creamy, surprisingly delicious cake is now my nephew’s favorite birthday surprise. It tastes like the opening of a circus parade as the animals enter the arena. It melts in your mouth with a gentleness and fills your mind with fond memories- all with one bite! Shared by creativecook.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Layer Cake – Truly worthy of any celebration, this cake features a rich salted caramel filling sandwiched between dark, utterly moist chocolate cake layers that contain less fat than you might think.  Shared by sixbittersweets.

Spaghetti & Meatball Cake – This “spaghetti and meatballs” cake is a fun cake to make, and it always receives oohs and aahs whenever I make it. The cake part underneath, is any ordinary cake mix or scratch cake. Then you build it up with buttercream frosting, chocolate truffle meatballs, and raspberry sauce with grated chocolate. It is a wonderful birthday cake or any celebration cake at all. It always fools everyone, especially the children who think it is dinner but is really dessert! Shared by ReeKam627.

Strawberry Layer Cake – 5th Birthday Celebration Contest – For my sister’s 24th birthday party, she requested a strawberry cake. This cake looks fancy, but is actually not so hard to make. All you need is a great moist yellow layer cake recipe and strawberries. I went with a classic vanilla frosting to complete the cake (you could use whipped cream instead of a frosting). I had some frosting left, so I piped little flowers, which really added to the look. Shared by divinebaking.

Sunshine Coconut Cake – This is one of the best tasting and eye appealing cakes I have ever baked. Celebrating an organization with a bright future and a Sunshine Cake, what a match! Shared by Russ1942.

Toffee Cake – I make exceptional birthday cakes for my very best friends. I look all year for just the right cake and I truly enjoy making cakes for them. Some take a little longer to make but they are worth the time and they are fun to do. This cake is the one whose recipe is requested by all who ate it. I know you will enjoy this one, too.  Shared by Joyce.

White Mounds Cake – 5th Birthday Celebration – An all white decadent coconut cake. Shared by Jano15.

Now that you’ve read about them, start clicking and check out the full recipes!  YOU pick the winner, so choose wisely!

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