Stock Up For The Blizzard!

If you’re stuck in the Midwest like the editors of Chew on That and Recipe4Living, then you’re probably thinking about the impending blizzard. Usually, when I heard that a snowstorm is coming, I don’t panic. Weather services tend to over-exaggerate storms on the whole, but something tells me this storm is going to be a little different.

Why? They’re calling it “life-threatening.” Yikes! So if you’re going to be caught in the blizzard, make sure to check out our list of items that should be stocked in your pantry.

1. Frozen meals and meats – Hopefully you already have a ton of these in your freezer already because they’ll stay good throughout the storm, just as long as you don’t lose power. Try any type of frozen entrees, or freeze some chicken breast or turkey breast for quick meals. Here are a few chicken meals you can try:
Easy Chicken Cacciatore
Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Shredded Turkey Breast

2. Carbs – Make sure you have a decent amount of grains, pasta and bread. They all work as perfect sides, and they’ll curb your appetite. If you foresee the storm to be long-lasting, you can freeze your bread so that it doesn’t go moldy. Here are a few rice and pasta recipes you can try:
Easy Mushroom Rice
Easy Mozzarella Pasta
Pasta with Marinara

3. Water – Don’t overlook this crucial item! Winter storms cause pipes to burst all the time, and you don’t want to be stuck without any H20 during a blizzard. Stock up on containers and gallons of water at the grocery store well before the storm is supposed to hit.

4. Boxed Meals – Things like macaroni and cheese and Hamburger Helper might not be very healthy, but during a storm, we think you have permission to stray from your diet. Put several boxed meals in your pantry just to be safe.

5. Produce – This is kind of a toss up. Whether or not you stock up on produce has to do with how long the storm is supposed to last, and when you have time to pick up some fruits and veggies. Use your discretion.

Here are some other good staples you should try to get before the storm hits:

- Milk – it may not stay good for long, so drink up!
- Dried fruit
- Crackers
- Potatoes
- Peanut butter
- Jelly
- Canned meat and vegetable soups
- Canned fruits and vegetables
- Cereals
- Nuts
- Vegetable oils
- Dried beans and corn

Stay warm and safe out there, everyone!

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