Free Coffee!!

Do you like coffee?  How about FREE coffee?  Even better, right?  Well, if you live in NYC, Boston, or D.C., you can get yourself plenty of free coffee starting tomorrow!  Read more to find out the details.

Starting tomorrow (February 1st), SeamlessWeb, the nation’s leading online food ordering service, is giving out coffee and LOTS of it!  Those lovely people at SeamlessWeb are, in fact, giving out 350,000 cups of coffee, completely free of charge. Now what could be better than that?

If you don’t get snowed in, stop by one of the participating restaurants or SeamlessWeb coffee trucks to pick up your cup.  (Psst, you can even stop by on a daily basis!)

If you live in New York City, you’ll find free coffee in a different area of the city each week, ending February 27th.  Midtown East will be the first to get some Joe, then Midtown West, the Upper East/West Sides, then Lower Manhattan.  Click here to find out the locations.

Bostonians will be treated to 4 days of coffee, starting in Harvard Square, then moving to various other locations.  Click here to find out exactly where you can get your cup.

Finally, residents of D.C. can meet up with the coffee truck as it makes it rounds from February 7-10, then visit participating restaurants between February 14th and 27th.   Click here for details.

So go out, grab a cup, and tell your friends!

Want to make your own coffee instead?  Here’ s a step-by-step guide to making your very own drip coffee, percolator coffee, French press coffee, and, yes, even instant coffee!

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  • Mary C. Chaplin

    I can’t function without my morning coffee. By mid-afternoon, I am dragging if I have not had my morning cup of Joe.

  • Lisa Bishop

    I turn on my coffee pot in the morning craving the sweet aroma of the rich full bodied brew. Somehow this beautiful concoction opens my eyes and stimulates my senses to the point of total and complete enjoyment. The assortment of different flavors and brews only makes this love that much more enjoyable. I will never tire of it’s wonderful tantalizing flavor. I am proud to say I am a confirmed coffeeaholic.

  • glenna peebles

    i love coffee

  • Marsha E

    Every morning my husband (YES!, my husband) makes our coffee before I can get out to the kitchen! And, he doesn’t even care for the taste too much, but, he knows that I need my 2 cups every morning! And a lot of times he’ll make enough so that I can have an iced coffee in the afternoon. What a keeper!

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