Walmart Goes Healthy!

What kind of a world do we live in where a double cheeseburger costs 99 cents, but a pint of fresh strawberries costs $4.00?  I think a large part of the obesity problem in the United States is the fact that healthy food is expensive, while unhealthy food is easy to find and cheap to buy.  Thankfully, Walmart is doing its part to try to put a stop to obesity. Keep reading to find out what exactly you can expect to see from them over the next few years.

Walmart’s five-year plan includes the following changes:

-They will build stores in underprivileged and under-served areas.

-They will reduce the sodium and sugar content of many of their packaged foods.

-They will take out industrially produced trans fat from their products.

-They will reduce fresh produce prices by $1 billion per year.

-They will create a logo to be places on healthy foods to make them more identifiable.

-They will take steps toward sourcing food more sustainably.

-They will reduce the premiums on healthy foods (i.e. whole grain pasta).

I think that these are some wonderful steps towards creating a healthier America.  As the economy suffers and more families shop at large, low-priced retailers such as Walmart, I think it’s incredibly important that these businesses offer healthy foods at affordable prices.  Well done to Walmart for thinking of the greater good and allowing Americans to eat wholesome food without spending every last cent of their paycheck.

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  • Suzy

    Walmart already has more organic items than most stores where I live. You just have to shop carefully. If consumers create more of a demand for healthy foods, it will naturally become less expensive.

    Here is a link to some tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

  • Ellen

    Did you mean they will “reduce” produce prices, not “raise”.

  • Sara

    I’m really glad this is happening! Since when I moved to the USA I had the feeling that the whole organic trend is more a fashion…as such: expensive! Of course lower class (and sometimes even middle class! I can’t afford it either often!) can’t afford it. So, two thumbs up to Walmart
    and yes…I think you meant reduce prices right?


    SUZY, demand usually has the opposite effect, but I hope you’re right. I hope Walmart starts a trend in the food industry; it’s long overdue. I wish there were a Walmart closer to me. I certainly approve of the inner city folks having better access. Thank you Walmart, for your progressive thinking AND (I hope) implementation!

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