What the Heck is a Noni Berry?

You’ve tasted goji berries in your juice.  You’ve taken acai berry supplements.  You’ve tasted every strangely-named berry under the sun!  But have you tried the hot antioxidant berry of 2011?  Noni berries will soon be this year’s next big food trend. Keep reading to find out about this exotic fruit.

If you think you’ve never heard of noni berries before, you might be mistaken.  This tropical fruit goes by many different names. According to Wikipedia, noni berries also go by great morinda, Indian mulberry, nunaakai, dog dumpling, mengkudu, pace, beach mulberry, and cheese fruit.

You can find the fruit located in the Pacific Islands, from Southeast Asia to Australia.  To get to the berries, you need to split the large, green pods they come in and pick the berries out the fleshy center.  In many countries, noni berries are a staple, served raw, roasted, or even cooked with curry.

So why should you care?  Well, noni berries are soon to be the next “hot” thing.  They contain a relatively high amount of vitamin C, which means they’re high in antioxidants. Food companies are always jumping on the next exotic-sounding, antioxidant-packed fruit, and it looks like this will be it!

Snapple just released a Noni Berry Juice Drink and I’m looking forward to seeing which other companies will jump on the bandwagon.  Keep in mind, though, that noni fruit juice only contains half the vitamin C of an orange, so don’t be fooled by clever marketing and hype!

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  • john alexander

    I live in north Carolina and had a monitor tree there when we moved in and for years nobody could tell me what fruit it was until one day I saw the fruit on a container in a grocery store. My tree produces fruit every year and is surprisingly good. I highly recommend trying it.

  • Dave

    Naturally Flavored Noni Berry Juice Drink from Snapple
    Pear and Strawberry Juice from Concentrate
    with other Natural Flavors.
    Where’s the Noni?

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