Our Complete Guide to Indian Cuisine

Sure you’ve had curries, daals and various chutneys, but do you know know what foods make up these delicious Indian dishes? Our new Indian recipe site, Indian Recipe4Living, will teach you everything you need to know about Indian food so that you know exactly what you’re eating and how to make it yourself, too!

Indian pickles made primarily from vegetables and fruits like mango, lime and green chilies.

Biryani: A rice casserole containing of meat, seafood or vegetables.

Chapati/Roti: Thin bread cooked on the griddle

Chutney: Fresh relishes made from fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Curry: An authentic Indian curry is a combination of a stir-fried wet masala (mixture of onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes), various spices and seasonings with which meat, poultry, vegetables or fish is prepared to produce a stew-type dish.

Daal: Daal includes any kind of legume – beans, peas or lentils. It can also be used to describe a soup-like dish made from lentils.

Dosa: Dosas are crispy, crepe-like Southern Indian specialties filled with potatoes or vegetables. They are typically served with chutney.

Gosht: Gosht is the Indian word for meat.

Korma: Korma is a braised meat in a thick, mild creamy sauce.

Kulcha:Kulcha is a tender pita-like bread cooked in the tandoor

Kulfi: Kulfi is a sweet aromatic ice cream made from cream, milk and sugar flavored with mango, pistachios, saffron, etc.

Lassi: A lassi is a refreshing, creamy yogurt drink that can be sweet or salty.

Masala: Masala is a blend of spices, herbs and other seasonings pounded together.

Naan: Naan is a flat oval bread cooked in the tandoor.

Pakora: A Pakora is a fritter dipped in spicy chickpea batter. They can be made with vegetables, cheese, chicken or seafood.

Paneer: Paneer is Indian cheese.

Pappadum: Pappadum are spicy lentil wafers.

Paratha: Paratha is flaky bread fried on the griddle.

Pulao: Pulao is an aromatic rice pilaf.

Raita: Raita is a yogurt-based condiment that usually contains vegetables.

Rasam: Rasam is a thin spicy broth.

Sambar: Sambar is an very spicy broth popular in South Indian cooking

Samosa: Samosas are flaky, pyramid-shaped pastries stuffed with potatoes or ground meat. They are a traditional Indian snack.

Tandoor: A tandoor is a deep, clay oven that can cook at very high temperatures.

Tikka: Tikka are skewered boneless meat cubes cooked in a tandoor.

Vindaloo: Vindaloo is an extremely spicy curry dish that’s a regional speciality in Goa.

Need some more info?  Check out our dictionary of Indian spices and ingredients here!  You can also get tons of delicious Indian recipes at Indian Recipe4Living!

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