Cameron Diaz and Fried Food

Would you believe that Cameron Diaz is “obsessed” with fried food? The only way that I’d believe that is if by obsessed she means that she thinks about it all the time, but still doesn’t eat it.

The actress who is co-starring in The the Green Hornet film is very skinny, so skinny that I really doubt that she eats fried food very often. She told the entertainment show Extra: “I could eat fried foods to save the world! I’m obsessed with fried foods right now. I can’t stop!”

She then went on to say that she’s able to keep her figure by doing a lot of exercise. This kind of thing has happened before. Celebs try to convince the general population that they really are like the rest of us. They eat candy, fried foods and tons of other fattening items.

Even if they do work out excessively, I don’t buy the fact that Cameron Diaz is pigging out on fried food. Maybe she has one piece of fried zucchini per week, but I still doubt that. She probably has a bunch of executive chefs cooking her super-healthy meals that are beyond delicious…and not fried.

I went on to Recipe4Living, to see if I could find a super fancy fried meal that Cameron would enjoy. Granted that would be mean that she really does eat fried food, but we’ll just go with it for now:

Fried Shrimp Balls
Fried Rice with Chicken Breast and Sugar Snap Peas
Fried Peppers, Onions and Sausage with Port Balsamic Vinegar
Rice Colbert

After finding this meal, I tried to find one that was “healthy.” Don’t take that to mean that these recipes are extremely healthy, but the ingredient that is being fried could be called healthy…but only before the frying process.

Fried Cucumbers
Pan-Fried Salmon Fillets with Horseradish Sauce
Fried Sage and Mushrooms
Fried Plantains

Do you believe that Cameron Diaz eats fried food? Have you ever tried a “healthy” fried food?

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