Product Review: Swiffer WetJet

Recently, the lovely people at Swiffer sent over a Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit for us to try out.  What does this have to do with cooking, you ask?  Well, a novice cook like myself is always spilling things on the floor (pasta sauce, oil, crumbs…) and I hate cleaning them up.  I was eager to give the WetJet a shot and see what it could do.  Check out my review after the jump!

The kitchen floor in my apartment can get pretty nasty sometimes.  Our back door leads straight into the kitchen, so there’s always dirt being tracked in.  Also, combine the food spills and the fact that my roommates have 3 cats, and you get a food and fur-filled kitchen floor.  Gross. We usually use a traditional mop and bucket, but I always feel like it just pushes around the filth.  It was time to try something new.

When I got the Swiffer out of the package, assembly was simple, but I was disappointed to see that batteries weren’t included (it required 4 AAs).  Otherwise the starter kit was great- it included two cleaning pads, a bottle of cleaning solution, and a scrubbing strip.  I stuck the cleaning pad on, popped the bottle of solution in, and I was ready to go!

Here’s what I thought of the Swiffer experience overall:

-Handled turns and corners really well
-The thin spray of solution meant that as I was cleaning the second half of the kitchen, the first half was already dry
-I was able to thoroughly clean my entire kitchen in about 5 minutes or less
-I felt like I was actually cleaning, not just pushing around dirty water
-Lightweight body

-The button you press to spray the solution was right where you grip, so I kept accidentally pressing it
-For a larger kitchen, you may have to use more than 1 pad

Most importantly, did it work?  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.



The pad after I cleaned the kitchen:

I definitely enjoyed using the Swiffer WetJet.  It took the mess out of traditional mop and bucket cleaning, and my kitchen was dry within minutes.  I look forward to using it again- next time, I’ll do my living room!

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  • Marisa Pawlowski

    I have been looking for a Swiffer Wet Jet since my return from America to no avail.
    My daughter has one and I used it while visiting “Fantastic”.
    What do I have to do to own one I live Western Australia. I have off white tiles and feel it would be just right for me.
    Please let me know what I need to do or could I get one in Australia.
    Sincere thanks and kind regards Marisa

  • Tom


    Like you I’m trying to find one I’m in Melbourne Australia, have you had any luck yet ? If so could you let me know as I’m looking everywhere too..



  • Sonia

    I purchased a much older model years ago and I was very happy with it. I am also not a fan of the old, tedious mop and bucket method. Unfortunately, it was “mysteriously” lost in the fray of moving to a new place. It’s definitely time I went out and bought a new, and what looks like, much improved, Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit.Thanks for posting the very helpful review, look forward to trying it out.

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