My Favorite Places to Eat in Disney World!


I’m heading to Disney World in two weeks for, oh, the 13th time or so!  I’m super excited and in addition to all the great rides I’m looking forward to, I’m pretty pumped for all the tasty FOOD!  I have a few favorite restaurants that I always have to go to, and I’m going to share them with you…right after the jump!

Here are my favorite places to dine/snack in the parks, sorted by park!

Magic Kingdom:

I rarely dine at any sit-down restaurants when I’m in the Magic Kingdom, mainly because there are too many rides to go on and characters to take photos with to stop and eat.  I usually just grab something from a quick-service place.  But when I do decide to have a fancy meal, I eat at the Crystal Palace, huge buffet with character dining.  While you’re eating, Winnie the Pooh and friends come by to say hello!  Yes, I’m 24.  And, yes, I love it all the same.

The only other nice place I’ve really eaten at is Cinderella’s Royal Table, a luxurious restaurant located right inside the castle!  I haven’t been there for years, but I remember delicious steak, Mickey-shaped butter, and fireworks outside the window.  Magical.

I also insist on snacking at Aloha Islein Adventureland.  They have the best Dole pineapple soft serve ice cream!  I always get a vanilla and pineapple swirl cone :)

MGM Studios (yes, it’s now Hollywood Studios, but it’ll always be MGM to me!):

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is my go-to restaurant in this park.  Why?  You sit in the dark in car-shaped booths and eat 50′s style burgers, fries, and shakes as you watch bad sci-fi movies on a big screen!  What could be better?

For quick meals, I like the Backlot Express because you’re right between Star Tours and the Indiana Jones stunt show (talk about two epic trilogies!) and you dine amongst scattered movie props.  Love that!


I have two favorites here.  Teppan Edo in Japan is sooooo good.  They cook on your table, teppanyaki-style, the food is fresh, and the chefs have some fun tricks up their sleeves.  It’s not only tasty, but it’s entertaining.

My other favorite place is the San Angel Inn in Mexico. I love that you sit in a dark Mexican-style square with lanterns and mariachi music.  I love that you can watch the Mexico ride go by as you eat.  I love that you can feast on chips, guac, and giant margaritas. I just love everything about it!

Animal Kingdom:

I don’t really go to Animal Kingdom (I’m not a fan), but when I do, I eat at the Rainforest Cafe.  I just love the atmosphere!

So those are my favorite places in the “World” to eat.  What are yours?

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