Get Healthy in 2011!


The New Year is here and it’s time to start sticking to your resolutions! If you’re determined to drop a few pounds this year, Recipe4Living is here to help! We have put together three collections of healthy recipes that will get you on your way to a healthier you in 2011. Containing sugar-free desserts, low-fat dinners, and high fiber eats, these New Year’s Resolution recipe collections will help keep you on track.

New Year’s Resolution: Cut Out Fat
If your resolution this year is to lose a bit of weight, we’re here to help you out! Start by cutting out high-fat foods and replacing them with nutritious and delicious dinners that won’t make you pack on the pounds! Here are 8 meals to get you started. Click here to see the full collection!

New Year’s Resolution: Eat More Fiber
One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is any extra weight, but rather than drop pounds, why not add some healthy fiber to your diet instead. Cutting calories can be dangerous, but eating foods high in fiber actually keeps you full longer. Plus, a diet rich in fiber also lowers your risk of diabetes, heart disease and constipation. Here are 10 fiber-ific foods to get you started. Click here to see the full collection!

New Year’s Resolution: Say No to Sugar!
Start your year off right by making some healthy changes in your diet. Saying no to bad foods is a great start, and foods that are high in sugar should be the first to go! Cutting out sugar, however, doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out sweets altogether; we have 12 great dessert recipes that use no sugar at all! Click here to see the full collection!

Still haven’t decided on which resolutions to make this year?  Get some more great ideas here!

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  • John

    Just wanted to say, this is a great site. I am interested in this eating healthy topic too. I started a site, but it’s still new and nowhere as complete as yours is. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration…
    PS, I was looking to upload Healthy recipes to my site, that’s how I found you.

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