5 Indian Appetizers To Try In The New Year


When the New Year begins, we all seem to have tons of resolutions, including eating healthier, trying new foods and cooking more. Well, I have an interesting resolution for the foodies out there. Pick an ethnic cuisine, and make a resolution to try 5 recipes from that cuisine throughout the year. If you’ve already mastered a couple cuisines already, here’s your next test: Indian food. Here are five easy appetizer/snack recipes that you can test yourself with in 2011.

Carrot Kofta – Kofta are small, deep fried balls made with shredded or minced vegetables and chickpea flour or a dough made from dal! Serve this recipe as a delicious appetizer!

Cucumber Pickles – What could be better than pickled cucumbers!

Upma - Upma can be served as a snack or even a light meal. In South Indian it is often eaten for breakfast, too!

Cheese Pakora – This recipe is deep-fried cheese, and it makes a wonderful appetizer or snack!

Sweet Sakkarpara – This recipe uses honey to sweeten up this Indian snacking cracker!

For more Indian recipes to try in 2011, check out Indian Recipe4Living here!

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