Foodie New Year’s Resolution Ideas


Around this time of year, everyone is trying to come up with their resolutions for the new year.  Eat less junk, work out more, write a novel, learn to speak Japanese… If you’re a dedicated foodie (or foodie wannabe), ditch the boring old resolutions and try some of these food-related resolutions, instead!

1. Try each major city or state’s specialty food.
(i.e. a Chicago-style hot dog, a Philly cheese steak, a Georgia peach, etc.) Whether you travel the country to do so or create the dishes in your very own home, you’ll feel accomplished and well-rounded!

2. Start your own vegetable garden.
You’ll not only have fresh, organic produce growing in your own back yard, but you’ll also save a bundle at the grocery store!

3. Learn to make the perfect homemade pasta.
Nothing makes you feel more like a chef than rolling out that beautiful dough and getting flour all over your face!

4. Make your kitchen “greener.”
Hey- it’s 2011!  It’s time to start doing your part when it comes to making this world a little bit greener.  Here are some simple steps you can take to start.

5. Try each and every one of the Omnivore’s 100 (foods you have to eat before you die!)
Sweetbreads and wasabi peas, here we come!

What will your resolutions be this year?  We’d love to hear them!

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  • April Lara

    Great ideas. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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