My Christmas Traditions


Every family has a different story to tell when it comes to their holiday traditions.  Some people go caroling, some go out of town, some people open their presents on Christmas Eve, some open their presents Christmas morning… There are so many different ways to celebrate Christmas, so I’m going to share my Christmas traditions, including the recipes we make every year!

Every Christmas eve, my family and I go to church at about 7:00 for mass.  It’s a very casual “family-style mass” with church members acting out the story of the birth of Jesus and plenty of cookies and treats to go around.  After church, we mingle for a bit and wish merry Christmas to people, then return to my parents’ house.

At my parents’ house we make some cocoa, give each other some new pajamas, and get cosy around the TV to watch a movie.  The first 10 years of my life, we watched “It’s a Wonderful Life,” but eventually my mom started to fall asleep every time we watched it, as it’s over 2 hours long. We have now started alternating between “A Christmas Story,” “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” and “The Lemon Drop Kid.”  After the movie, we fall asleep and dream of presents!

When we wake up in the morning, we head over to another local church and help out with their Christmas Cheer program by delivering presents and meals to the less fortunate.  And we get home, it’s time for our presents!  After they’re all opened, we hang out, watch movies, and stay in our PJs as long as possible.

In the evening, we head over to my grandmother’s house for Christmas dinner, where we pig out on a Christmas dinner.  Here are the Christmas-related dishes we eat every year:

For dinner:
Beef Tenderloin- it’s not the traditional Christmas ham, but boy, does it taste good!
Twice Baked Potatoes- potatoes filled with creamy, cheesy deliciousness :)
We also have a few other things, but they change every year

For dessert:
Crescent Cookies- buttery little moon-shaped cookies dusted with powdered sugar
Chinese Chews- these are totally addictive no-bake cookies made from chow mein noodles, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and chopped cashews

I can’t get enough of this season and I’m so excited to celebrate another Christmas holiday with my family.

How do you celebrate Christmas?  Do you spend it with your friends or family?  What are your traditions?  What do you eat?  Leave a comment- I’d love to hear your stories.

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  • Victoria

    Hi! Just noticed your blog on here! It’s pretty interesting.
    1. “Something You Want, Something You Need, Something to Wear & Something to Read” is what I use to buy Christmas gifts. Often on Christmas Day you’ll notice I only buy 3 gifts as Jesus only had 3 gifts, throughout December the children get gifts from relatives as well as from me so Christmas day 3 gifts are enough I think.
    2. The children have several advent calenders, one in which they add a character from the Nativity scene daily, getting to play with the character each day really amuses the children. Also each child has there own special advent calender with 25 boxes in each. Each box contains a coin for their charity boxes, some chocolates or candies, and some Chinese Christmas phrases. The Chinese Christmas phrases are there Holiday lessons which they must practice writing in their Christmas workbooks. The Christmas workbooks are a present given annually on pageant day which is the 2nd Saturday of November, we also decorate our Christmas tree on this day too.
    3. On December 5th we polish the shoes and the kids leave them outside their bedrooms, Father Christmas comes to leave fruit, ginger bread, spice cookies, and nuts in the shoes.
    4. As a symbol of the waiting and expectation of Jesus’ birth, each night unwrap and place in the manger one piece of the nativity scene. Save baby Jesus for Christmas Day. This is a Christmas tradition we observe.
    5. They children also donate their Charity boxes on Boxing day, we also on this day volunteer at kitchens and shelters before coming home to a nice dinner and game night.
    6. I keep a basket of Christmas books for the kids, and read one each day of December leading up to Christmas, on Christmas night the kids look forward to the last Christmas story.
    7. Christmas eve each child is allowed to have their stockings, we do traditional stockings of fruit, nuts, chocolates, gingerbread men, and Christmas cake. We also use this day as a baking day to make small Christmas cakes as gifts.
    We tend to celebrate Diwali in October, Hanukkah in mid December, and began Kwanzaa on Dec. 26th until Jan. 1st so its very busy. We spend New years in Shanghai for the Spring festival. But its all worth it in the end!

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