Excavated in China: 2,400-Year Old Soup!


This story has been all over the web, and it’s perfect for the season. According to reports, a 2,400-year-old pot of soup has been exhumed near the ancient capital of Xian in China. The ancient food was found in a bronze cooking vessel within a tomb, according to Chinese archaeologists.

Not only does the discovery tell us about the eating habits of the Chinese more than 300 years BC, but it also shows us that some of our most popular eating trends have not changed. Most cultures have some variety of soup presently.

This story is pretty awesome, and it makes me really hungry. Lucky for me, I’ve been eating tons of soup already. It’s been pretty cold in Chicago. But I am a little curious now about the different soups from all over the world. Here are some ones from Recipe4Living, that sound delicious:

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup
Kosher Romanian Bean Soup
Irish Fresh Pea Soup
Ribollita Italian Soup
Miso Soup
Basic Egg Lemon Soup
Tortilla Soup

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