Host a Cookie Swap This Holiday Season (+99 Cookie Recipes!)


Have you ever been to a holiday cookie swap?  Cookie swaps or exchanges are great ways to spend time with friends, get new recipes, and sample all sorts of tasty cookies! We’ll tell you exactly how to host one, plus we’ll share 99 of our favorite cookie recipes after the jump.

The holidays are here and it’s time to eat some sweets!  What could be better than walking into a party with 3 dozen of your favorite cookies and walking out of the party with 3 dozen cookies you’ve never tried before?

Here are the rules of a cookie exchange. Many people do them differently, but this is the way that I like to have them:

1. Each guest brings 3 dozen of their cookies to the party in a container or on a covered plate.  (Need a cookie recipe?  Try one of these!) The guest also brings an additional tupperware.

2. The party starts with some socializing, appetizers, beverages, and fun.  Play some games, chat away, just do whatever you’d like!

3. After all the guests have arrived, all the cookies are arranged nicely on a table, and you’ve socialized for an hour or two, the host will announce that it’s time for the cookie swap to begin.

4.  All the guests gather around the table and share the stories behind their recipes.  It’s a lot of fun to hear how the recipe originated- there are often some amusing tales to be told!

5.  The guests then bring their tupperware to the table and take a few cookies from each plate (calculate how many people there are and how many cookies there are so nobody will be left out).

6. Guests can either choose to start munching right away or wait to bring their cookies home.  It’s fun to try a few and give your feedback to whoever baked them.

7. After the swap, tea or coffee should be served to go with the cookies and socializing can continue until the end of the party.

Remember to always bring a few copies of your cookie recipe, as you’re bound to be asked for it once or twice!

If you’d like to throw a cookie swap, or if you’re just looking for some fantastic cookie recipes, click here for 99 of our top cookie recipes!

Enjoy the holidays!

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