Cocktail Hour: Classic G&T with Bluecoat Gin


Cocktail Hour is temporarily back!  (at least for this week…)  I recently acquired some gin, so I’m back in action!  This week, I made a very simple but classic cocktail- a gin and tonic. This is one of my favorite drinks in the world- although everyone always says it’s an old person drink- and I strangely hadn’t had one in 2 years!  I was SO ready to get back on the G&T train and sip away.

The gin that I got wasn’t just any old gin- it was Bluecoat American Dry Gin.  The second I saw the bottle, I instantly fell in love.  It’s bright blue with elegant lettering and an elaborate etched glass design. Instead of a screw top, it has a cork stopper and it’s just so PRETTY!  Every time I showed it to someone, they remarked on how gorgeous it was.  I honestly can’t wait until it’s all gone so I put flowers in it.  Take a look for yourself!


I started off just by trying it on the rocks, which was tasty, but a bit too strong for me!  The gin has a ton of flavor- it was similar to Bombay Sapphire, but the flavor was not quite as punchy.  My friend also tried it and he thought it was very thick with a strong flavor and a lingering aftertaste.  He loved the look of the bottle, too (of course!)  Because of all the flavor it has, this would be a great gin for martinis, as it can stand well on its own.

I, however, made a G&T because it’s my fave.  I just threw a shot or two of gin (didn’t measure) in a glass with ice, poured in about 1/2 can of tonic water, and topped it off with a splash of lime juice.

The result?  A refreshing, tasty, easy to drink beverage that’s great for any season!  If you’ve had a G&T, you know what I’m talking about.  My roommate said “it tasted like Christmas!” and I kind of agree. The juniper tones give it a kind of holiday flavor.

If you’ve never had a gin and tonic before, try one!  They’re low-calorie, they’re easy to make, and they’re super tasty!  Just make sure to pick a high-quality gin- the Bluecoat did just the trick!

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  • heather

    Thanks for your comment on squirrel bread! So, did you and your friend like the Bluecoat Gin G&T better than the Bombay Sapphire version? It’s my dad’s favorite drink, and he’s a Bombay Sapphire man. Though, if you lean toward the Bluecoat, I might have to buy him a bottle for Christmas to test out.

    Cheers and thanks,


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