Alizé Gold Passion


I think pretty much everyone has seen Alizé if they’ve ever walked through their grocery store’s liquor section. It’s relatively high-end, and every bottle of alcohol is so colorful. I had the opportunity to try Alizé Gold Passion recently, and I was more than impressed. This flavor contains passion fruit juice and other exotic fruits blended with premium French vodka. It was introduced in 1986, two years before I was born. Since I’m only 22, I don’t have too much experience with reviewing alcohol, but I do know when I like the taste of something, and that was the case here.

My boyfriend and I decided to have a movie night, and the Alizé just begged to be drunk. I contemplated whether we should make cocktails or just drink it straight. Since it was already getting late, and I like the flavor of passion fruit, we decided to drink it as is.

But before I get into the taste, let me tell you a little bit about the bottle. It’s really, really pretty. The writing style is elegant, and the color of the liquor is so vibrant. It reminded me of a sunrise. The alcohol content is only 16%, so again, I was definitely confident that I could handle it without a mixer.

The taste combined fun passion fruit with a tinge of orange. It was much thicker than I expected, but it wasn’t really a bad thing. It gave the drink more of a smoothie on ice feel. Also, I like fruit-flavored drinks. When I drink rum, it has to have some type of fruit flavor, and I’m the same with vodka. So this drink was a dream. Another plus is that I couldn’t even taste the vodka!

On the other hand, my boyfriend didn’t like it that much. He prefers straight “guy” drinks like Jack Daniels, so he didn’t rave about Alizé Gold Passion as much as I did.

I would definitely give Alizé Gold Passion a 4/5. If you like your drinks to be a little bit sweet, then you should definitely try this one out. But if you’re like my boyfriend and you’d rather have a strong drink, then skip this. Just remember, if you do buy Alizé Gold Passion, and you don’t finish the bottle, you need to refrigerate it.


Alizé Gold Passion makes for a great holiday gift, as well. There are tons of different flavors. While this is the first time I’ve tried the gold passion flavor, I have tried red passion in the past and that was also fantastic!

So even though I didn’t try the Alizé Gold Passion in a cocktail, that doesn’t mean that you can’t. Here a few fun cocktail recipes to try:

Snowflake Sip
Baby It’s Cold Outside
Rosy Cheeks
Peppermint Kiss

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  • Debra Myers

    Sophia, I just made an Alize “Golden Spice” cocktail and it was excellent. It’s very light and works well with tropical flavors, perfect aperitif. I’m glad you mentioned that it had to be refrigerated, I didn’t notice that and would have ruined a fairly expensive bottle of alcohol.

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