Heart-Healthy Kamut Pasta Salad


A while back, we received some kamut pasta from Eden Foods to try out.  Now, I’m sure you’re asking (like I initially did), “What the heck is kamut?“  Eden Foods describes it like this: “The ancient wheat Khorasan (kamut®) is small batch freshly milled and traditionally hand crafted into wholesome, Heart Healthy* 100 percent whole grain spirals…low fat, rich in fiber and made without salt. Khorasan wheat is often enjoyed by those intolerant to common, modern hybrid wheat.”  I was intrigued, so was excited to try it!

Sophia made an Artichoke Olive Chicken Bake with her box of kamut pasta, so I wanted to try something a bit different.  Instead of going for a warm pasta bake, I threw together a simple cold pasta salad!  I’m a huge fan of pasta salad.  It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a great sandwich alternative for my workday lunches.

I looked through my fridge to find some ingredients to put in the pasta salad and found some olives, feta cheese, and tomatoes.  Greek pasta salad, anyone? Then, I found one ingredient that brought it all together: avocado!

Here’s exactly what I used:

(view the full recipe here!)

* 3 C. Eden Foods Kamut Spirals
* 1/2 avocado, diced
* 1/4 C. feta cheese, crumbled
* 1/2 C. black olives, pitted
* 3/4 C. Italian vinaigrette of your choice
* 1/2 C. cherry tomatoes


All I did was cook the pasta, let it cool, mixed up all the ingredients, stuck it in the fridge for a while, then it was ready!

I ate some for dinner, then had more the next day for lunch.  It was definitely better on day 2. The flavors had mixed together more and it was colder (I got impatient the first time around!)  The kamut pasta tasted just like whole grain pasta, just not the type that falls apart in your mouth.  For a white pasta eater like me, it was an easy transition to make and I felt proud of myself for being healthy!

If you’re looking for some more tasty pasta salad recipes, check out our top 15 pasta salads here!

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